Baya Karve Women’s Study Center

Baya Karve Women’s Study Centre

Baya Karve Women’s Study centre was established in November 2003. It has proved to be a good medium for studying various women related issues and conduct specific developmental projects.

Objectives of the centre are as follows:

  1. To create awareness about gender discrimination.
  2. To arrange need based training program.
  3. To conduct study and survey in order to understand current problems of women.
  4. To develop library and documentation center;
  5. To run a family-counseling centre.
  6. To provide counseling at school level.

Keeping the above objectives in view, the centre consistently conducts following activities throughout the year leading to upliftment and empowerment of women.

  1. Study of Text-Book-Project- The objective of the Study is to find out the changes made by Balbharati Study Committees in the text-books of school children with special reference to the principle ‘Gender Equality’. A committee of seven experts from different academic background was formed to study the text-books of 1st to 7th Standards. The compilation of their reports was send to Balbharati.
  2. Ladies Toilet Survey- The objective of this survey is to find out the problems faced by working women in corporate sector because of unavailability of good Toilet facility at working place. The students of MKSSS colleges participated in this survey.
  3. Vriddhashram Survey-(Old Age Home) – The objective behind this study is to find out the problems and their attitudes towards life of women in old age homes. Pune based old age home authorities and old women are interviewed.
  4. Girls working at Petrol Pump Survey- the purpose of the study was to study the mentality and social background of girls who worked at petrol pump and also study treatment given by colleagues and seniors to them.

Training Programmes/Workshops:

  1. Metron’s Training Program – BKWSC had organized a training program for Matron’s of Ladies Hostels. Today girls are taking higher education and jobs, which are sometimes far away from their hometowns. A proper ladies hostel is a secure place for such intelligent generation. But at the same time, the changing scenario of the world and globalization is affecting the life style of a girl. Sometimes this situation creates various problems for hostel management owing to the problems of students such as depression, frustrations, love affairs, unwanted pregnancy. This program will train matrons to deal with such issues and help them to understand the adolescent better.
  2. Workshops for the school and college students – the centre organizes lectures and workshops for students on topics like -counseling and personality development, time management, communication skills, body language, family communication, preventive measures for harassment at workplace, pre-marital counseling, women and law. The specially designed programs on Self –Awareness, Love and Violence, Choosing the life partner, Attaining the womanhood’ are very famous in all colleges. ‘Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan’ – is a university recognized program. It was arranged for college girls in Pune district.
  3. Parent-Teacher workshop on ‘Child Sex Abuse’– Centre designed a workshop for parents and teachers on ‘Child Sex Abuse’. This workshop aims at making parents aware of this issue and training them to communicate such topics with their children.

Short Term Certificate Courses:
The centre conducts short term (3 months) certificate courses on the serious social issues or current problems. The courses are need-base programs.

  1. ‘Child Abuse-Prevention and Cure’– The course covered topics such as various types of child abuses, counseling, laws for the children, various therapies for the children etc. Participants undertook research projects and prepared papers on various women and children related issues. Activities like book review, role play and written exam were conducted during the course. Six students secured distinction, fifteen first-class and two participants higher second class.
  2. Family Counseling Certificate Course – In every developmental state of human – from childhood to old age we face certain problems. Some problems are critical which needs help of counselor. The purpose of the course is to explain the basic counseling process and self-counseling concept. The course includes lectures, group discussions, role-plays, research project, book review, case studies. The participants are evaluated through some assignments, written tests etc.
  3. Marriage Counseling Certificate Course – The course is designed and developed to address the issues of Pre and Post-marriage counseling and relationship problems of couples. The course includes lectures, group discussions, role-plays, research project, book review, case studies relating to pre and post marriage problems.

International Women’s Day – On the occasion of International Women’s Day the Centre has been organizing various competitions and seminars regarding women issues.

Counseling Centre – BKWSC runs counseling centre. Mainly school and college students as well as their parents are using the services. Family counseling is also available.

Psychometric Tests – Students from various fields avail this facility to take decisions regarding their career and future planning.

Publication – From 2007 MKSSS publishes annual Research Journal ‘Vedh’. It contains articles, survey reports, interviews of the experts, news collection based on a particular theme related to socially important issue or problem. Last year it was based on the issue, ‘Child Sex Abuse-Prevention and Cure’. Next theme is ‘Effects of Addiction on families’. Articles are invited from the experts. An extensive survey based on the above theme is in process.

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