Maharshi Karve Lecture series is organised every year for the students of the Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha. It aims at making them aware by introducing them new thoughts from the lectures given by eminent personalities working in all walks of life.

The second session of the Maharshi Karve Lecture series concluded with the lecture of Fl. Lt. Shivali Deshpande, the founder member of Prahaar Samaj Jagruti Sanstha.   In her lecture,  Fl. Lt. Shivali Deshpande discussed  about the career opportunities in the armed forces in detail.

She spoke in depth about the about soldiers and their work. She stated that, warfare is using technology more and more. The intelligent people who can develop and handle new technology are needed in the armed forces. More and more parents should encourage their wards to join armed forces. Today, the youth is not taking interest in joining forces due to the lack of information regarding the defence services. This has created a shortage of 10000 officers in the ranks of our armed forces. Later she also informed about the examinations required to join the armed forces.

She said that, the martyrs are our true heroes, because they protect the freedom that we achieved after losing so many lives. A home and family of a martyr should be our temple. We should know their stories and their work. Every facet of their lives gives an exceptional thought and will inspire you. Nearly, 1400 girls were present for her lecture.