Corporate Social Responsibility

Mandating Companies to Contribute Towards Society

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a new concept in India, however, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs; Government of India has recently notified the Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 along with Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules. The term “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” can be referred as corporate initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on the environment and impact on social welfare.

Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha, is a charitable trust serving the society with a mission of empowering the women through education. The Samstha is relentlessly working since last 120 years with the objectives of upliftment, emancipation and education of women. The majority of the students approaching the institution for education belong to the rural areas and financially weaker sections of the society.

The Institution highly depends on the financial support extended by the donors and patrons among the society.

This is a honest and sincere appeal to all well-wishers and philanthropists
“Come, share your part of responsibility- Join the noble cause.”

Companies, organizations, corporate offices, banks, institutes can contribute for the social cause through their CSR funds. This contribution can be made by  Cheque, Demand Draft  in favor  of “Maharshi Karve Stree  Shikshan Samstha”. Online payments can also be made through RTGS.

Our sincere appeal to all interested organizations to financially support through their CSR funds for various projects of MKSSS which couldn’t be completed due to paucity of funds.

All projects have a great social importance and have been listed as under:

Solar Power Project at Karve Nagar Campus, Pune - Rs.3.50 Crores

Considering the geographical area of the Karve Nagar Campus and the electrical consumption by the units especially higher education units, it has become essential to use this 100% renewable source of power energy. If the solar power system is installed in the Karve Nagar campus, it will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the property. There will be a substantial reduction in the electricity bill of the Samstha as a whole.

The total power requirement for the Karve Nagar Campus is 700 KW. At present the total roof top area available can accommodate solar plant for 500 KW. However, the vertical expansion of the buildings is in progress and in near future we will be in a position to install the system with the required capacity of 700 KW.

Cost of the Project – The total expected cost of the solar power project is Rs.3.50 Crores. We will submit the proposal to the government regarding the subsidy for the project. If the subsidy is granted by the government, the total project cost can be reduced to Rs.2.45 Crores.

Hostel Building for Sitabai Nargundkar College of Nursing for Women, Nagpur - Rs.1.50 Cr.

It is proposed to construct a hostel for Nursing College, Nagpur. The Samstha has started a nursing college at Nagpur Campus. As per the rules & regulations laid down by Indian Nursing Council (INC) it is necessary to have separate hostel building for the nursing college. The students have to stay at hostel irrespective of their status of local / outstation students. At present the students share hostel rooms with the engineering and other students. The land required for construction is available with the Samstha.

Cost of the Project – The total expected cost of construction of hostel building is Rs.1.50 Crores.

Renovation of toilet blocks in the hostels at Pune Campus - Total Rs.60.00 Lakhs

The hostels at Karve Nagar Campus of the Samstha viz. Baya Karve Hostel Complex, Chitale Bandhu Hostel needs renovation work of the toilet blocks. The renovation is required to be carried out on priority basis for maintaining hygiene in the hostel buildings.

Cost of the Project – The total expected cost of renovation of toilet blocks at Pune Campus is Rs.20.00 Lakhs for Chiltale Bandhu Hostel and Rs.40.00 Lakhs at Baya Karve Hostel.

E-Learning Kits for schools of Kamshet, Wai & Satara Campuses - Total Rs.45.00 Lakhs

Importance of E-Learning in Schools

  1. Students need to be engaged with what they are doing to improve learning outcomes.
  2. Enables students to become thinkers in a sheltered environment.
  3. The students do not rely on the teacher…become accountable themselves & become independent.
  4. Teaches digital literacy.
  5. It broadens the horizons of many students as it exposes students to the world outside their city or country town.
  6. Fits in with Rural Education (Adivasi Ashramshala, Kamshet) where students in rural schools need no longer be disadvantaged by distance and isolation, as technology allows them to learn virtually and maintain their subject choices.
  7. Allows a mobile learning environment – anywhere, anytime, anyhow.
  8. Inspires students to seek more from school.

Cost of the Project – Kamshet Campus – Rs.10.00 Lakhs, Wai Campus – Rs.15.00 Lakhs & Satara Campus – Rs.20.00 Lakhs

Construction of toilet blocks at Wai - Rs.45.00 Lakhs

The hostel at Wai campus provides accommodation and boarding facilities for girls coming from remote areas can stay in our hostel for their education. The hostel at Wai can accommodate 200 girl students. The existing toilet blocks are too old and cannot be renovated. Hence, new toilet blocks are required to be constructed at Wai Hostel.

Cost of the Project – The total expected cost of construction of toilet blocks at Wai is Rs.45.00 Lakhs.

Computer Lab for K.B. Joshi Institute of Information Technology - Rs.25.00 Lakhs

The students from IT College need the computers for up gradation of knowledge as well as for completion of their projects. 25 computers are needed for the IT College of the Samstha. The number students taking IT education is increasing. It has also become necessary to replace the old computers with the latest one and also there is a need to purchase additional computer so that each student can get a separate computer. Each of these computers will be on network.

Cost of the Project – The total expected cost of the computer lab (Computers + active and passive networking equipments) for the institute is Rs.25.00 Lakhs.

Funding for Medical Department of the Samstha - Rs.25.00 Lakhs

There are about 3500 resident students, 15000 day scholars and more than 60 residents in Old Age Homes. Medical emergencies occur for hostel students as well as for senior citizens. It is very difficult to make the conveyance available immediately in case of emergency situation at odd times in hostel or old age homes. It leads to insecurity and chaotic situations. The availability of ambulance will help us to provide medical aid in time.

At the same time, it is necessary to provide medicines for the inmates of Old Age Home and medical kits for the hostels as well as schools & colleges.

Cost of the Project – The total expected cost of the medical kits containing equipments like, blood pressure, blood sugar, PFT, physiotherapy equipments and ambulance is Rs.25.00 Lakhs.