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Through the interest accrued on the donations given through endowment are utilized to give scholarships to needy and deserving students.The donor has two options of donations.

The endowment donations later contribute to the corpus fund of the Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha. All donations which are intended by the donors to be kept permanently with the Samstha constitute to form the Corpus Fund. Only the income of the Fund by way of interest shall be used for current expenditure.

10,000 and above
Under this option, the interest accrued is given as a scholarship for five years.

50,000 and above
Under this option, the interest accrued is given as a scholarship for ten years.

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The girls who cannot bear the expenses required for their stay and education, our Samstha always help them through the financial support from well-wishers and philanthropists from the society. Donors can donate any amount as per their wish in this scheme.Through this scheme many generations of girls have received a support for their education.

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Sankalp 365 invites donations for the expenditure on food for the court committed girl students in Mahilashram Hostel. The food expenses for one day are INR 16000/-Donate one time amount of Rs.2.00 Lakhs or in multiple of it. The interest earned on this amount will be utilized to provide food to the students of Mahilashram Hostel for one day per year for next 10 years.


Girls coming from weaker section of society and coming from rural areas, stay in our hostels and complete the school education. Our Samstha looks after their food, stay and other requirements. The annual expenses for food, stay and other requirements of one student are around Rs. 40,000/- p.a. for a school going girl and 75,000/- for a college going girl. Donors can support one or more girls. The name of the beneficiary is informed to the donor.


For school going girl


For college going girl

Donors can sponsor the school kits for our needy girl students. One school kit consists of necessary textbook, stationary, art and craft material, 2 uniforms and the school bag. The cost of one such kit is INR 3500/- Donors can sponsor one or more such kits.

School kit Rs: 3500/- (Per Kit)

We find that, every year, number of girls interested in securing admission to different educational units, is increasing. It is always necessary to develop new infrastructure facilities for them. Donors can donate for the construction of a building, for renovation, for laboratories, libraries, class-rooms, sports grounds etc.

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For Infrastructure like Labs, Libraries, Learning aids, Sports facilities, Furniture fixtures for Ashramshala etc.

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Donations above INR 500/- are exempted under section 80G of the Income tax Act.

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