Since women empowerment and education has a direct correlation with the development of the society; taking good care of today’s girls is very critical. Empowering them with modern education, taking care of their nutrition and health as well as providing them with an environment, where their personality will flourish, are extremely important.

Maharshi Karve said,” Women’s Education and National Development are closely related!”

Of all the children who don’t attend school in India, around 60 % of them are girls. Discrimination against girls begins when they are infants. Girls often are left malnourished.  The school dropout rate is also very high. On an average, by the age of 18 years a girl child receives, 4.4 years of education less than a boy.

A holistic effort is required to change this dire state of girls in our society. Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha was established exactly with this cause. Maharshi Karve started this Samstha in a hut where he educated 4 widows. Today, MKSSS runs different 62 units which cater to the needs of 29000 girls through its seven campuses. Our Samstha also runs hostels for girls where they can stay safely and study well. MKSSS has taken up parenthood of around 700 needy girls. We provide all necessary support to these girls who are admitted in our hostel. The Samstha looks after their education, provides them with nutritious food and also takes care of them for their overall wellbeing and sound growth.

MKSSS has, also developed a residential school for tribal children at Kamshet near Lonavala. Through this school, we reach out to marginalized tribal kids in that area and give them an opportunity at modern education. Today, we are proud to say that about 70% of our students in this school are marginalized tribal girls. Their parents trust us enough to admit their daughters in our school.

We plan to come up with a sports complex and a vocational training center for girls at this facility. Through these centers, the tribal children will further in their overall development and also acquire some employable skills which will enable them to be self-reliant in future.

MKSSS strives to reach out to maximum needy children and help them to get education. Of course, we cannot reach our goal without exhaustive support from the community at large. The scope of our work is so large that we require a proportionately huge pool of resources.

We have various schemes for donations like Bhaubeej Nidhi, Sankalp 365, Endowment scheme for scholarships, Financial Parenthood etc. Donors can contribute as per their capacity through these funding schemes. Donors can also donate in kind as per their convenience. Please contact us to know more about us and also to know, how you can donate.

Dr. P.V.S. Shastry


Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha


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